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About Us

Dog Walking


Let's go on a 'sniffari'! I can walk your baby while you are at work, out having a special evening with friends or family, or while you recover from an illness or injury.  Just need to have time to yourself without a shadow??  We all do sometimes. 

Dogs need exercise to keep them in shape, and to keep them from getting bored.  When a dog is bored they look for something to get into.  Sometimes this could lead to destructive behavior, like chewing on your favorite shoe.  

I can take your baby out for a short walk that will set their nose twitching with excitement at all the wonderful smells.  Who knows, your neighbors fur kid may have left an important 'peemail' for your  baby  that they don't want to miss.

Stay Home & Relax


I can stay at your house and keep the routine so everyone enjoys a fun 'playcation'.  Even our pets appreciate sleeping in their own beds.  I can spend the night or just do several in home visits. The freedom of choice is yours.

Why have your fur kid(s) stay in a unknown kennel with a bunch of other scared and strange fur babies?  You can leave them right at home were they are surrounded by all the familiar sights, sounds, and smells they have come to know and love.  

Want to have your fur babies give you the biggest and best welcome home when you arrive back from your relaxing trip?  This way you don't have to worry about getting to the kennel at a certain time to bring your loved one home.  They will be there waiting with a tail wagging welcome full of kisses!

Stay At My Place


Feel like having a sleep over?  I will watch your baby at my house. I have a privacy fenced yard and a husband who loves dogs just as much as I do.  It will be 'impawsible' not to have fun! 

Well behaved, calm dogs who are great with other dogs are welcome to come stay with us. I can keep your baby in  my home if you chose not to have them stay at home.  I can even include your fur kid in my morning walk with Paris, if they are able and willing to do so.

When I'm not out walking a dog or doing an in-home visit, I'm right here playing with my guests or just giving some snuggle time.  Because I want to give each fur baby the love and attention they need, there is a limit to how may dogs I will take into my home at one time. 

 Sorry to all my feline friends out there, but Paris isn't cat friendly.